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kidsHi there! I’m Taylor- wife, mother, self taught cook, struggling food photographer, and a total comfort food addict. I love to cook but my cooking is complete chaos (as well as my house, my kids, and myself)! I refuse to follow a recipe unless I find a way to make it my own. This technique coupled with zero training sometimes leads to dinner disasters. But I won’t give up on a recipe until it is approved by myself and my stickler husband. I have catalogued my triumphs, as well as my flops, and now I get to share these tasty mistakes with you!!!

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My idea behind this blog starts 7 years ago when my husband signed to play basketball in Moscow, Russia. My
husband is from a small town in Russia and I was born and raised in Kansas. To say that we have faced cultural differences is an understatement; but nothing could prepare us for Moscow. I think the biggest shock for both of us was not the Russian culture aspect (obviously this was nothing new to him) but more so the city of Moscow itself. If you have ever been to Moscow, it is a very congested, bustling, dark, and dreary, place. Fortunately, there was some solace…the food is fantastic! The problem is that in order to buy this food at a restaurant in Moscow, you have to sell one of your kidneys! In the time we spent there (setting aside a drastic dip in Russia’s economy the last year we were there) the average meal price without alcohol was around $150. In other words, it didn’t take long for us to realize that I needed to learn how to cook what we wanted to eat, but didn’t want to pay for!

I started cooking everything I could come up with from scratch. I learned Russian recipes by watching my mother-in-law and through a LOT of trial and error (which my husband is not shy about pointing out). I also found ways to recreate cake recipes without the cake mixes, how to make salads without store bought dressings, and how to make meal after meal based around 10-20 of the exact same basic ingredients. Once again, trial and error as well as disastrous mistakes led me to a number of delicious meals and desserBa7BWts that my husband finally approves!

Now, 8 years later, my husband has retired from basketball and we are finally living in our home in Colorado with our beautiful baby girl (3 years old) and our sweet baby boy (9 months old). I have learned how to cook… that was the easy part! My new struggle is managing a baby, a toddler, 2 dogs, and a husband while still preparing delicious meals. Like I said, cooking is the easy part! If you can bear with my kids, my chaos, and my candor; then keep coming back for more! I hope you enjoy my recipes, my family, and my stories behind them and I hope you own your tasty mistakes as much as I own mine!

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